MedArmeniaPhilanthropy is looking for licensed professionals to donate their time and expertise by attending to the population of Vardenis Medical Center.

Most specialties are needed. Active license is a must.


Provider in Spotlight:  Dr. Tigran Hamazaspyan


Dr. Tigran Hamazaspyan was born in the North Caucasus located within Russia. His parents were born in Armenia, and Tigran has never forgotten his heritage and culture.

Tigran finished medical school in 1987 in Russia and earned his Medical Doctor degree. A year later he moved to Armenia to help and treat earthquake victims amid the catastrophic Spitak Earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people.

 Working in the Erebouni Medical Center, the largest hospital in Armenia, Tigran contributed to saving hundreds of lives during the most difficult years in modern Armenian history.

Months later he returned to Russia and earned his PhD in 1997 in the Scientific Research Institute of Urology in the city of Moscow.

 In the same year Tigran moved to Armenia despite living a comfortable life in Russia with one goal on his mind — to help his homeland and his people. He worked at the Erebouni Medical Center until 2003 and the began to work in the highly prestigious Nairi Medical Center.

In 2006, Tigran emigrated to the United States with his family where he became an RN, earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and became a wound care specialist.

During this time Tigran took frequent trips to Armenia and voluntarily performed surgeries, consultations, and treatments all free of charge.

In 2019, Tigran became the first physician to participate in MedArmeniaPhilanthropy mission to Vardenis.

 In Vardenis he used his knowledge in Urology and Andrology,  by implementing protocols for diagnosis and treatment of male infertility and erectile dysfunction to improve the fertility of population.

The poor growth rate of the population is one of the most important issues in Armenian health now.

He also utilized his experience and skills gained in the USA for managing and treating different types of wounds, pressure ulcers, chronic illnesses, to implement and improve Home Care Services.

Establishing Andrology and Fertility services in Vardenis and in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia is one of MedArmenhilanthopy projects in Vardenis.

Along with Dr. Shahen Shahinyan, Vardenis Medical Center Director and ob/ Gyn surgeon, Dr. Tigran Hamazaspyan is a perfect person to get this project off the ground.

Thank you very much for your service, Dr. Hamazaspyan!



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