Our Nation is going through hard times now.

As of the end of September, 2023, Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh is being driven out of their homeland. There are 120,000 victims of this ethnic cleansing perpetrated by aggressive and inhumane politics of Azerbaijan’s government. These refugees have been driven out empty-handed. On September 26 there was an explosion at a gas station in Nagorno-Karabakh. This tragedy resulted in many fatalities and several hundred severely burned civilians, including women and children.

Brief History

On September 27th of 2020 Armenia, the first nation to accept Christianity, was attacked by Azerbaijan  who tried to eradicate the Armenian people from ancient Armenian land of Artsakh /Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh peaceful civilian population with military weapons, destroying ancient churches, homes, hospitals, and killing mothers and children. This act of terror was supported by Turkey who hired Syrian mercenaries to fight and commit unspeakable autocracies on the small and peaceful Christian nation.

The was ended after 44 days leaving Armenia in financial and emotional devastation. To preserve further human losses, Artsakh was given to Azerbaijan.

We believe, that every human being deserves the right to life and every family deserves the right to raise their children on their ancestral land.

In 2020 MedArmeniaPhilanthropy started ADOPT- A- REFUGEE/ ADOPT-WOUNDED SOLDIER program.

This program continues to support families that have lost their breadwinner (father/ son / husband).

MedArmeniaPhilanthropy brought the experts from the US to the burn victims in Armenia via telemedicine, arranged virtual physical therapy treatments for the wounded soldiers, and purchased vital medications and medical supplies.

If you would like to help, here is the category of recipients:

  1. Help purchase medical supplies and life- saving medications for the patients of the Armenian Burn Center
  2. Help refugee families from Nagorno-Karabakh with a monthly stipend or a one-time donation.
  3. Help families that have lost a soldier in the war of 2020 with a monthly stipend or a one-time donation.


As a donor, you can help in several ways:

  1. Donate any amount once by indicating the recipient: Burn Unit Patients, Refugees from Nagorno- Karabakh, Families of deceased soldiers.
  2. Be matched with a family, and get involved with them emotionally and financially. You may choose to donate monthly or quarterly  directly to the family by using any means you agree upon. The financial fee for transaction will be covered by you.  If you would like to avoid transfer fees or hassle of sending the money,  MedArmeniaPhilanthropy can transfer the exact amount that you donated, and MedArmeniaPhilantrhopy will cover all the transfer fees. You can be involved with the families as little or as much, as you want.

The main role of MedArmeniaPhilanthropy is to select the families, vet them, making sure that they fit the criteria above, and monitor their progress at 0 months/ 3 months/ 6 months, etc.

Please contact us at info@medarmeniaphilanthropy.com if you are interested in sponsoring a family.

Please note even $50 per month is a significant amount in Armenia. No amount is too small.

Please help us save lives



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